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The innovative treatment can improve the aesthetics of your smile discreetly without the need of a prominent full brace treatment.

Quiksmile is so called as it will work faster and results can be seen in mere weeks or months. It is a quick and cost effective alternative to having a full brace, if only your front six or eight teeth need straightening. This may just be on your top or bottom arch, or both. Your orthodontist will need to advise during your initial consultation whether a Quiksmile treatment would work for you.

Quiksmile is a sectional brace that is only fitted to the few teeth you need straightening. Depending on your budget and desire for the brace to be discreet, this could be fitted using traditional metal braces, more discreet ceramic braces or completely hidden incognito braces. As a rule of thumb, the more discreet the brace system is; the more expensive it can be. If suitable for your treatment, QuikSmile could be a more affordable option if you are considering one of the more discreet brace systems.

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Quiksmile with metal braces

Having sectional metal braces is one of the most cost effective ways of straightening your teeth. It will give you straight teeth with a minimum time investment. This is ideal if you have a smaller budget and are not too bothered about the aesthetics of wearing a metal brace during your treatment.

Quiksmile with Ceramic braces

Ceramic sectional braces will be more comfortable due to the smoother finish of the ceramic brackets. They also blend into your natural tooth colour. It is also possible to have tooth coloured wires to be even less noticeable. If you would like something fairly discreet for your self-confidence or due to your job then this is a fantastic option.

Quiksmile with Incognito Lite

A truly invisible sectional brace that attaches to the back or your teeth. This system is completely bespoke to your teeth, with custom brackets and wires that are engineered to work together to move your teeth with the fluidity and ease you would expect from a high-quality brace. Incognito Lite has enhanced comfort due to the low profile brackets it uses and you can smile with confidence during and after treatment, making it an excellent choice if you have a special occasion during your treatment.

All these options for your Quiksmile sectional brace will deliver outstanding results and the smile you have always wanted. They all require the same care whilst wearing them, and regular adjustment appointments, as with the full brace options. They deliver different levels of comfort and invisibility but they will all deliver efficient and effective straightening.

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