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Solihull branch is approximately 4 years long

Bromsgrove branch it is approximately 20 months long

You might be delighted about the prospect of getting a straighter smile or you might be feeling a little worried about the thought of lots of dental work. Either way, we find that clearly mapping out your orthodontic journey is helpful.

If you’re under 18 and have been referred to us by your dentist, this is usually for NHS treatment. This means that the cost of your treatment would be funded by the National Health Service (NHS).

However, there are strict criteria to qualify for NHS treatment:

We use a national rating system called The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) to determine whether individuals qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment. The scale identifies the treatment needed on an individual basis and it's intended to help those who need treatment to improve their dental health.

So, unfortunately NHS treatment is not guaranteed, but we like to be up-front about this.

Following an assessing of the health and appearance of your smile, we'll communicate which orthodontic route is right for you. If necessary, we will present 'Options For You' to continue your orthodontic treatment on a private basis. It is also possible for you to choose this private option even if you do qualify for NHS treatment.

There are many reasons why you might choose private orthodontic treatment. You may want a more discreet brace than the standard metal brace available on the NHS or you may want to start your treatment more quickly? Our treatment coordinator will be happy to talk through all the options as we want you to choose the best option for your needs.

There’s no doubt that your orthodontic journey will require a significant investment of time and possibly cost; attending a series of appointments and taking care of your mouth and brace. Your mouth may feel a little bruised and uncomfortable along the way but we know that a new, straighter smile can boost your confidence and change your life!

stage 1

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assessment & options

At your assessment, we will see what is needed to straighten your teeth and whether you meet the criteria for NHS funded treatment. After your assessment, we will explain your treatment path options.

stage 2

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nhs treatment path

If you meet the criteria, you can choose to have treatment under the NHS who cover the costs.

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private treatment path

If you choose, you can have orthodontic treatment as a private patient. Treatment is not free but is usually much quicker and you have a greater choice of brace systems.

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no treatment undertaken

In some circumstances, treatment may not be possible or we may recommend a re-assessment in future.