Braces in Solihull & Bromsgrove

brace care

brace care

We've put together some useful tips about how to keep your teeth and brace in tip top condition during treatment. You can find out more by watching our video and downloading the PDF guide further down the page.

looking after your teeth while wearing a brace


Start by cleaning behind each of your front teeth individually with a gently vibrating circular motion. With a sweeping movement, making full use of all the bristles of your toothbrush, sweep the plaque away from your gums. Repeat the same movement a couple of times over the same tooth, going on until you have covered all your front teeth.

To clean your back teeth, use the same sweeping movement, with your toothbrush.

disclosing tablets

Chew one tablet thoroughly and spread saliva to all tooth and gum surfaces with your tongue. Spit out residual saliva and rinse your mouth out with water. Areas of plaque will be stained red. Brush your teeth until the red stain is removed. Do not swallow the tablet.


Use wax to ease any sore spots you might get on the inside of your cheeks/lips. Brush your teeth thoroughly. Dry the area of the brace that is causing the soreness. Apply a piece of softened wax to the brace, pressing gently so that it sticks. It might help to use wax last thing at night as your mouth will be drier when you sleep.

spiral brush

Using the tip of the spiral brush, push it in between your teeth. With an in-and-out motion, clean between all your teeth.

To clean between your brackets is difficult. Using your spiral brush with an in-and-out motion, clean both sides of the brackets. Also use your brush to clean the big brackets on your molar teeth.


A fluoride mouthwash should be used every evening for one minute after brushing the teeth. A fluoride mouthwash can be bought at the practice reception or obtained from a supermarket or chemist.

click below to view and download our brace care guide